LSB help out at the Greater Boston Food Bank

On Saturday, April 26th, our LSB team joined forces with the BeantoIMG_1662wn Cats (University of Arizona Alumni Boston) for a very rewarding afternoon at the Greater Boston Food Bank.

The food bank is a top class facility opened in 2009 with the aid of generouIMG_1663s city based sponsors. Upon arrival at the warehouse, we had a briefing on the activities and services provided by the food bank, followed by a guide on procedures for our assigned tasks of the afternoon on inspecting, sorting, and packing food and grocery products.

Our role as a group, was to inspect frozen food supplies (donated by various corporations such as Stop and Shop and other grocery stores), sort by food type – beef, pork, poultry etc. and package into boxes of 35lb approx., ready for distribution to worthy causes in the Greater Boston area.IMG_1666

The pallets of frozen food kept coming but we kept knocking them down until our shift was over! At the end of the day we sorted through, and packaged:
* 6405lbs of food, 98% of which was salvageable
* which provided for 5230 meals
* averaging 402 meals per volunteer!

We had a great time today and are eager to volunteer again for this wonderful cause.

We’d love to sign up more members and friends of the Leitrim Society of Boston for our next trip to help the troopers at the food bank, stay tuned…!